EPI Society and Newsletter Naming Contest

October 12, 2016 -- As part of our efforts to increase engagement and build support for the Emerging Pathogens Institute, we will be creating a society for interested community members and a newsletter highlighting research, outreach, and other achievements by EPI faculty, students, and staff.

We’re holding a naming contest for both, and we would like members of the EPI community to participate.

The Prize: Gator gear of your choosing worth up to $50

You have two opportunities to win: Once for the society name, and a second time for the newsletter name. We are looking for a society name that is short and catchy, reflecting the type of work that we do. Ideally, the newsletter name would be similarly pithy (“The Petri Dish” for example).

To participate, submit your ideas to Evan Barton via email by October 21: ebarton@epi.ufl.edu

Potential Names List

EPI Society Name Suggestions:

The Sentinel Society
Rods & Cocci
Contagion Commanders
Malady Marauders

EPI Newsletter Name Suggestions:

The Shield
Contagion Chronicle
Disease Dispatch
Outbreak Oracle
Pathogen Post

We look forward to reading your submissions