*UPDATE*: EPI Haiti labs in wake of Hurricane Matthew

October 5, 2016 -- We have heard from our colleagues in Haiti, and so far, reports suggest that everyone is safe.

Some of our team members have faced water damage to their houses. In Baraderes, one of our study coordinators—Esaieson Ladouceur—had his house damaged. Florence Sergile, EPI’s faculty coordinator in Haiti, is trying to find a way into Baraderes as soon as possible. However, the Route Nationale 2 bridge over the La Digue River just east of Petit-Goave collapsed, effectively cutting off the southern peninsula from the center and Port-au-Prince. We are not certain when the road will re-open.

Christianville is currently fine but was recently experiencing some trouble with Internet access.


There is a high level of debris on the road to Gressier; however, in the morning, once the roads are clear, Florence and a few others will try to make it to the labs to assess the damages and provide any aid and assistance that they can.

Due to sporadic phone and internet connections, we do not have constant contact with all of our peers in Haiti; however, we will try to provide updates as best we can