Faculty Members

NameTitleCollege/InstituteExpertiseCVPhoneEmailHome Page
Abbott, Jeff Assistant Professor of Pathology Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Immunology of infectious disease; vaccine development; bacterial infections and host response   (352) 294-4123 abbottj@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/jeff-abbott/
Ahmed, Chulbul Associate Scientist Agricultural and Life Sciences, IFAS: Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Poxviruses; antivirals; interferons; immune modulators; cytokines; bioterrorism   (352) 392-6883 ahmed1@ufl.edu  
Ahn, Soohyoun Assistant Professor Food Science and Human Nutrition Development of rapid and sensitive detection assay for pathogens and biological toxins in foods,...   (352) 392-1991 ext. 310 sahn82@ufl.edu  
Ali, Afsar Research Assistant Professor Emerging Pathogens Institute Vibrios; Vibro cholera; long term persistence; polysaccharide coatings; bacterial pathogenecity;... CV  (352) 273-7984 aali@epi.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/afsar-ali
Allan, Sandra USDA Research entomologist; UF Courtesy Faculty U.S.D.A., Agriculture Research Services; UF Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Mosquito; mosquito ecology; tick; vector biology; behavior; trapping; attractants; surveillance;...   (352) 374-5940 sandy.allan@ars.usda.gov  
Allred, David R. Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Babesia; babesiosis; malaria; Plasmodium; antigenic variation; cytoadhesion   (352) 294-4126 allredd@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/david-allred/
Anderson, James Director, Institute for Global Food Systems College of Agricultural and Life Sciences food systems, environmental and biophysical interaction     james.anderson@ufl.edu  
Anderson, Peter Professor; and Whitney Laboratory Director The Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Cnidaria; jellyfish stings; neurobiology; ion channels   (904) 461-4028 paa@whitney.ufl.edu http://www.whitney.ufl.edu/research_programs/anderson.htm
Archer, Douglas IFAS Associate Dean for Research IFAS Foodborne illness incidence; foodborne bacteria; microbiological food safety; food safety regulation   (352) 392-1784 dlarcher@ufl.edu http://research.ifas.ufl.edu/deans/douglas-archer
Baker, Henry Professor and Chair Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Gene expression profiling; growth-rate regulation; regulation of glycolytic gene expression CV  (352) 392-0680 hvbaker@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/hbaker.htm
Barbet, Tony Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Anaplasma; Ehrlichia; antigenic variation; tick-borne diseases; outer membrane proteins; molecular...   (352) 294-4119 barbet@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/tony-barbet/
Batich, Chris Professor; and Associate Director of Clinical and Translational Science Institute Engineering: Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering; and Clinical and Translational Science Institute Translational medicine; Microbicidal dressings; drug delivery; biomaterials; diagnostic devices CV (352) 392-6630 cbati@ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n23877
Batz, Mike EPI, Head of Food Safety Programs Emerging Pathogens Institute Food safety; risk assessment; computer modeling; quantitative policy analysis; decisions under...   (352) 273-7010 mbatz@epi.ufl.edu http://www.thefsrc.org/
Beau De Rochars,Valery Madsen Research Assistant Professor College of Public Health and Health Professions; EPI Vector borne diseases   (352) 294-5695 madsenbeau@phhp.ufl.edu  
Behringer, Don Research Assistant Professor IFAS: Program in Fisheries and Aquatic Science Crustacean diseases; marine ecology; behavior; spiny lobster; PaV1 CV  (352) 273-3634 behringer@ufl.edu http://sfrc.ufl.edu/faculty/behringer/index.html
Berns, Kenneth Distinguised Professor Emeritus Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Molecular Virology, Gene Therapy   (352) 273-8072 kberns@ufl.edu 
Binford, Michael Chair; Professor Dept. of Geography Macrosystems biogeography; geographic information systems and remote sensing applications in...   (352) 392-0494 mbinford@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/binford.html
Blackburn, Jason K. EPI Assistant Professor, and Assistant Professor of Geography EPI; Liberal Arts and Sciences, Dept. of geography GIS, remote sensing, ecological niche modeling, disease ecology, spatial distributions of disease,... CV  (352) 392-0494 jkblackburn@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/jason-blackburn/
Blackmore, Carina State Public Health Veterinarian; State Env. Epidemiolologist   Zoonotic disease; environmental epidemiology   (850) 245-4732 Carina_Blackmore@doh.state.fl.us http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/carina-blackmore-ms-vet-med-phd/
Bliznyuk, Nikolay Assistant Professor IFAS/CALS; Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Bayesian statistics, computational statistics, computer experiments, environmental applications, high-dimensional data, inverse problems, Monte Carlo methods,spatial and spatio-temporal modeling   (352) 392-3724 nbliznyuk@ufl.edu 
Bloom, David Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Vaccine, epigenetics, persistent infection, latency, neuroinvasion, neurovirulence, neurotropism   (352) 392-8520 dbloom@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/dbloom.htm
Bloomquist, Jeff Professor IFAS Entomology and Nematology Comparative neurotoxicology of insects and mammals; developing chemical control methods to target... CV  (352) 273-9417 jbquist@epi.ufl.edu epi.ufl.edu/jeff-bloomquist/
Bowen, Walter Associate Director IFAS: International Programs Soil science; agriculture; environment   (352) 392-1965 wbowen@ufl.edu http://international.ifas.ufl.edu/staff/bowen.shtml
Brlanksky, Ron Professor IFAS / Citrus Research and Education Center Citrus systemic pathogen; Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus; Huanglongbing; stem pitting citrus...   (863) 956-1151 rhby@ufl.edu http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/academics/faculty/brlansky/brlansky_ronald.shtml
Brown, Daniel Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Cellular microbiology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, bacterial genome sequencing and... CV  (352) 294-4004 drbrown@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/dan-brown/
Brown, Mary Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Pathogenic mechanisms of mycoplasmas; respiratory infection; urogenital infection   (352) 294-4029 mbbrown@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/mary-brown/
Brumback, Babette Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Biostatistics Causal modeling and inference for clinical trials and observational studies; penalized spline...   (352) 273-5366 brumback@PHHP.UFL.EDU http://users.phhp.ufl.edu/brumback/
Burne, Bob Associate Dean for Research Oral Biology Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Bacterial virulence; molecular mechanisms; environmental influences; microbiological, biochemical,... CV  (352) 392-4370 rburne@dental.ufl.edu Bob Burne home Page
Burridge, Michael Professor Emeritus Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Invasive ticks; pheromone-based control; reptiles; international trade in live reptiles   (352) 294-4131 Burridgem@vetmed.ufl.edu http://web.africa.ufl.edu/people/faculty/burridge.html
Byrd, Jason Associate Professor and Associate Director Maples Center for Forensic Medicine; University of Florida College of Medicine Forensic Science, Crime Scene Investigation, Death Investigation, Forensic Entomology, Veterinary and Wildlife Forensic Science   (352)294-4091 jhbyrd@ufl.edu  
Cannella, Anthony P. Assistant Professor Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine; College of Medicine Innate and Adaptive Human Immunological responses with a focus on asymptomatic individuals infected with Neglected Tropical Diseases CV  (352) 273-9382 anthony.cannella@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/meet-the-team/anthony-p-cannella-m-d-m-sc/
Capua, Ilaria Director of the One Health Center of Excellence and Professor of Veterinary Medicine College of Veterinary Medicine Avian influenza; zoonotic diseases; disease transmission CV  (352) 294-8465 icapua@ufl.edu  
Castleman, Bill Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Viral disease pathology; comparative pathology; viral respiratory disease pathogenesis; influenza...   (352) 294-4120 castlema@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/directory/williamcastleman.html
Castleman, Joan B. Clinical Associate Professor Nursing Public health, specifically in health promotion and disease prevention   (352) 273-6362 jbcastle@ufl.edu http://con.ufl.edu/faculty_detail.aspx?ID=33
Clark-Curtiss, Josephine Professor of Microbiology College of Medicine; Emerging Pathogens Institute Leprosy, Tuberculosis CV  352-294-5481 jclarkcurt@ufl.edu http://curtiss.vetmed.ufl.edu/
Condit, Rich Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Virology; genetics; transcription; virus assembly; vaccinia; poxviruses   (352) 392-3128 condit@mgm.ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/rcondit.htm
Connelly, Roxanne Associate Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences, IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Medical Entomology; Mosquito Identification; Mosquito Biology; Mosquito Control   (772) 778-7200 crr@ufl.edu http://mosquito.ifas.ufl.edu/Connelly.htm
Conti, Lisa Director, Division of Environmental Health at Fla. Dept. of Health Florida Department of Health Public health practice; zoonoses; environmental health; one health   (850) 528-4687 lisa_conti@doh.state.fl.us http://www.myfloridaeh.com/
Cook, Robert L. Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions : Dept. of Epidemiology and Biostatistics; Medicine: Dept. of Medicine, Division of Internal Medicine Epidemiology, HIV infections, STDs, risk behavior assessment, alcohol and drug use, clinical trials... CV  (352) 273-5869 cookrl@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/robert-l-cook/
Crawford, Patti Research Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Clinical Services Canine and feline infectious disease and immunology; diagnostic tests and vaccines; transfusion... CV  (352) 258-9263 crawfordc@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/cynda-crawford/
Cummings, Derek Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Infectious Diseases CV  (352) 392-1107 datc@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/derek-cummings/
D'Costa, Susan M. Research Assistant Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Vaccinia Genetics and Biochemistry   (352) 273-7513 ihssd@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n16105
Dame, John Professor and Chair Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Parasitology; malaria; molecular parasitology; molecular biology; anti-malarial drug target... CV  (352) 294-4118 damej@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/john-dame/
Danyluk, Michelle Assistant Professor IFAS Citrus Research & Education Center Food safety and microbiology of fruit juices, fresh fruits, vegetables and tree nuts. CV  (863) 956-8654 mddanyluk@ufl.edu http://www.crec.ifas.ufl.edu/academics/faculty/danyluk/danyluk_michelle.shtml
Dark, Michael Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Anaplasma; veterinary pathology; high-throughput genome sequencing; comparative bacterial genomics CV  (352) 294-4138 darkm@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/michael-dark/
Day, Jonathan Professor of Medical Entomology IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Lab Arboviral surveillance; arboviral transmission; arboviral amplification; arboviral transmission...   (772) 778-7200 ext.132 JFDay@ifas.ufl.edu http://mosquito.ifas.ufl.edu/Day.htm
Deng, Zhanao Associate Professor Environmental Horticulture Department Development of new plants for the Florida environmental horticulture industry;genetic and molecular...   (813) 633-4134 zdeng@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n18620
Derendorf, Hartmut Distinguished professor and Chair Pharmacy: Dept. of Pharmaceutics Pharmacokinectis; pharmacodynamics; PK-PD modeling; drug development; tissue Levels of anti-... CV  (352) 273-7856 hartmut@ufl.edu http://www.cop.ufl.edu/2010/09/hartmut-derendorf/
Devleesschauwer, Brecht Assistant Scientist Department of Animal Sciences Global Food Safety   (352)-392-1981 x230 bdevleesschauwer@ufl.edu  
Dickinson, Richard Professor Engineering: Dept. of Chemical Engineering Actin-based motility; invasive pathogens; Listeria; Shigella; Rickettsia; polymerization motors   (352) 392-0898 dickinso@che.ufl.edu http://www.che.ufl.edu/faculty/dickinson
Ding, Yousong Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry Department of Medicinal Chemistry;College of Pharmacy Drug discovery and development, protein engineering, synthetic biology (352)273-7742 yding@cop.ufl.edu http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/faculty/yousong-ding/
Dinglasan, Rhoel David Ramos Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases College of Veterinary Medicine molecular parasitology, arbovirology, molecular medical entomology, glycoproteomics, cell biology, microbial pathogenesis, vector-borne disease transmission biology CV  (352) 294-8448 rdinglasan@epi.ufl.edu http://www.dinglasanlab.org/
Edelmann, Mariola Assistant Professor College of Agricultural and Life Sciences; Department of Microbiology and Cell Science Salmonella, Yersinia, host-pathogen interactions, proteomics, exosomes, ubiquitin-proteasome system, inflammasome (352)846-0954 medelmann@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/directory/faculty-info/
Fan, Z.Hugh Associate Professor Engineering: Dept. of Engineering Microfluidics, sensors, proteomics, toxins, protein expression, PCR   (352) 846-3021 hfan@ufl.edu http://www.mae.ufl.edu/~hfan
Folimonova, Svetlana Assistant Professor Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) Citrus greening   352-273-4655 svetlana@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/svetlana-folimonova/
Gao, Bin Assistant Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Agricultural and Biological Engineering Water quality; hydrologic modeling; pathogen fate and transport   (352) 392-1864, ext. 285 bg55@ufl.edu http://abe.ufl.edu/bingao/
Garrett, Karen Preeminent Professor IFAS;Plant Pathology Department; Institute for Sustainable Food Systems;EPI Disease ecology, statistics and modeling, impact network analysis   (352) 273-4638 karengarrett@ufl.edu 
Gaskin, Jack Associate Professor Emeritus Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Veterinary microbiology; Veterinary bacteriology; Veterinary virology; Veterinary mycology;...   (352) 294-4100 jgaskin@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/individual?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fvivo.ufl.edu%2Findividual%2Fn10287
Gibbs, Paul Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Veterinary virology; epidemiology of arboviruses; zoonoses; disease control policy; vaccine...   (352) 294-4182 pgibbs@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/paul-gibbs/
Glass, Gregory Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Microbiology and immunology CV  (352) 392-0494 gglass@ufl.edu  
Goss, Erica M. Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Pathology Plant pathogen population genetics and evolution, host-pathogen coevolution, molecular evolution of... CV  (352) 273-4650 emgoss@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/erica-goss/
Greiner, Ellis Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Parasites; parasite diagnostics; terrestrial or human hosts; helminths; protozoans; arthropods   (352) 294-4161 greinere@vetmed.ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n24198
Grieshaber, Scott Assistant Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Intracellular pathogens; Chlamydia; Rickettsia; cell biology; cytoskeleton; microtubules; actin   (352) 846-0265 sgriesha@ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n27814
Gulig, Paul Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Bacterial pathogenesis; Vibrio vulnificus; microbe detection; bacterial genetics; phage display CV  (352) 392-0050 gulig@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/pgulig.htm
Gums, John Professor Medicine: Dept. of Community, Health and Family Medicine; and Pharmacy: Dept. of Pharmacy Practice Antibiotic surveillance; data mining in antibiotic resistance; improving antibiotic stewardship;...   (352) 392-4541 jgums@ufl.edu http://www.armprogram.com/Director.aspx
Handfield, Martin Associate Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Molecular characterization of human bacterial infections; integrated tools of molecular biology;...   (352) 846-0763 mhandfield@dental.ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n12860
Hansen, Peter Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Animal Sciences; IFAS Ruminant reproduction; cellular stress; embryonic function   (352) 392-5590 hansen@animal.ufl.edu http://www.animal.ufl.edu/hansen/
Harmon, Carrie Lapaire Associate Director, Southern Plant Diagnostic Network IFAS: Dept. of Plant Pathology National Plant Diagnostic Network; Southern Plant Diagnostic Network; plant diagnostic lab;...   (352) 392-3631, ext. 254 clharmon@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/harmon_c/harmon_c.htm
Harvey, Bill Professor, Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience: Dept. of Physiology V-ATPase; amino acid transporters; Na+/H+ Antiporters; Na+/H+ exchangers; mosquito midgut;...   (904) 461-4045 wharvey@whitney.ufl.edu http://www.whitney.ufl.edu/research_programs/harvey.htm
Havelaar, Arie Professor College of Agricultural & Life Sciences, Department of Animal Sciences risk assesment of infectious diseases, food safety CV  (352) 273-5921 mailto:ariehavelaar@ufl.edu  
Hernandez, Jorge Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Large Animal Clinical Science Clinical epidemiology; epidemiology and diagnostics of diseases in animal and human populations;...   (352) 294-4305 hernandezja@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/jorge-hernandez/
Hoel, David Program Manager, Medical Ento Collaborations, NMCPHC Det. CMAVE U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: Agriculture Research Services Mosquito; Aedes albopictus; mosquito trap; light emitting diode; octenol; lactic acid; bionomics   (352) 374-5924 david.hoel@ars.usda.gov http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/main.htm
Holt, Robert Eminent Scholar Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Ecology   (352) 392-6917 rdholt@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n31441
Hopkins, Richard Adjunct Professor Department of Epidemiology; Colleges of Public Health and Health Professions and of Medicine Applied epidemiology; public health surveillance (850)544-7614 hopkinsrs@ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/richard-s-hopkins/
Huigens, Robert Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry College of Pharmacy Drug discovery, Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, Antibcterial Screening, Biofil-eradicating Agents (352)273-7718 rhuigens@COP.UFL.EDU http://pharmacy.ufl.edu/faculty/robert-w-huigens-iii/
Hulcr, Jiri Assistant Professor IFAS; School of Forest Resources and Conservation; Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Forest entomology and microbiology; the ambrosia symbiotic complex - beetles, fungi, bacteria   (352) 273-0299 hulcr@ufl.edu http://www.ambrosiasymbiosis.org/researchers/jiri-hulcr/
Inglett, Kanika Sharma Research Assistant Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Environmental Microbiology Climate change effects on carbon and nitrogen cycling; greenhouse gas emissions in terrestrial and...   (352) 392-1803 ext. 223 kanika@ufl.edu http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/inglettKanika.html
Iovine, Nicole Assistant Professor Medicine; Division of Infectious Diseases The relationships between innate immunity and Gram-negative bacteria, such as autophagy; novel... CV  (352) 392-4058 nicole.iovine@medicine.ufl.edu http://www.medicine.ufl.edu/infecdis/Iovine.asp
Irani, Traci Professor Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Public attitudes toward science and technology; agriculture education CV  (352) 273-2588 irani@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/tracy-irani/
Isaza, Ramiro Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Zoological medicine; non-domestic species; wildlife; zoonotic diseases; tuberculosis; elephants;...   (352) 294-4443 isazar@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/ramiro-isaza/
Jacobson, Elliott Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Reptiles; infectious diseases; pathology; medicine; blood values   (352) 294-4417 JacobsonE@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/elliott-jacobson/
Jeong, Kwang Cheol Assistant Professor Department of Animal Sciences Molecular Microbiology, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Food Safety CV  (352) 294-5376 kcjeong@ufl.edu https://sites.google.com/site/thejeonglab/
Jin, Shouguang Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Mircobiology Host-pathogen interaction; antibiotic resistance; bacterial pathogenesis; pathogen and toxin...   (352) 392-8323 sjin@mgm.ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/sjin.htm
Jin, Shougung Professor College of Medicine;Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Bacterial pathogenesis, antibiotic resistance and drug discovery (352)273-5973 sjin@MGM.ufl.edu http://mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/faculty-home-pages/jin-shouguang/
Johnson, Judith Director of CORE laboratories, and Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology Clinical microbiology; bacterial polysaccharides; antibiotic resistance; molecular typing CV  (352) 273-9428 jajohnson@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/judy-johnson/
Kane, Andy Director of Aquatic Pathobiology Lab; Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Environmental Health Program Aquatic pathobiology; fish; fish disease; water; toxicology; environment; outreach; aquatic animal... CV (352) 273-9090 kane@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/andrew-kane/
Karst, Stephanie Associate Professor College of Medicine Pathogenesis of noroviruses, innate immune responses to norovirus infection and molecular mechanisms of norovirus replication CV  352-273-5627 skarst@ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/stephanie-karst/
Kaufman, Phillip E. Associate Professor IFAS; Entomology and Nematology Department Veterinary entomology and livestock entomology   (352) 273-3975 pkaufman@ufl.edu http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/kaufman.htm
Keesling, James Professor, and Chair Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Mathematics Biomathematical modeling; modeling insect migration; modeling transmission of dengue hemorrhagic...   (352) 392-0281, ext. 289 kees@ufl.edu http://www.math.ufl.edu/~kees
Kenah, Eben Assistant Professor Health Science Center, Dept. of Biostatistics, EPI Contact intervals, survival analysis of epidemic data CV  352-294-1935 ekenah@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/eben-kenah/
Kima, Peter Associate Professor IFAS Parasitology; immunoparasitology; tropical infectious disease; cell biology   (352) 392-0384 pkima@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/kima.shtml
Klein, Paul Professor Emeritus Medicine: Pathology Immunology, virology, microbial pathogenesis and host defense mechanisms in lower vertebrates;...   (352) 331-8557 paklein@ufl.edu http://pathology.ufl.edu/faculty/emeritus-faculty/paul-a-klein/
Klinker, Kenneth P. Clinical Specialist, Infectious Diseases Shands at UF Antimicrobial stewardship   (352) 265-0111 ext. 45892 klinkk@SHANDS.UFL.EDU http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n15826
Koroly, Mary Jo Director, Center for Pre-Collegiate Education and Training; Academic Affairs Medicine: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Research Education; HHMI pre-college grant on emerging pathogens   (352) 392-7685 korolymj@ufl.edu http://cpet.ufl.edu/staff/Koroly.html
Larkin III, Joseph Assistant Professor IFAS T cell tolerance; regulatory T cell; thymic development; autoimmune disease; diabetes   (352) 392-6884 jlarkin3@ufl.edu http://microcell.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/larkin.shtml
Lauzardo, Michael Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, College of Medicine Medicine Pulmonary medicine; tuberculosis; Mycobacterial infections CV  (352) 273-7682 lauzam@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/about-us/meet-the-team/michael-lauzardo-m-d-msc/
Lednicky, John Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Avian influenza virus H5N1 and other influenza viruses; live agent bioaerosol inhalation studies;... CV  (352) 273-9204 jlednicky@phhp.ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/john-lednicky-phd/
Lee, Won Suk Associate Professor IFAS: Agricultural and Biological Engineering Image processing; hyperspectral imaging; citrus greening disease; Huanglongbing CV  (352) 392-1864 ext. 227 wslee@ufl.edu http://abe.ufl.edu/people/directory/lee-wonsuk.shtml
Levy, Julie Professor Veterinary Medicine: Small Animal Clinical Sciences Feline infectious diseases; canine infectious diseases; feral cat population control;... CV (352) 273-8722 levyj@vetmed.ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/julie-levy/
Liang, Song Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Environmental epidemiology and dynamic modeling of water- and vector-borne infectious diseases;...   (352) 273-9203 songliang@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/song-liang-phd/
Linser, Paul Professor Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience Larval mosquito biology; vector insects; cell biology; molecular biology; molecular physiology   (904) 461-4036 pjl@whitney.ufl.edu http://www.whitney.ufl.edu/research_programs/linser-lab.htm
Liu, Chen Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology HBV; HCV; innate immunity; apoptosis; interferon; adaptive immunity   (352) 273-5413 liu@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.pathology.ufl.edu/~liu/
Long, Maureen Associate Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Veterinary medicine; large animal medicine; equine; viruses; West Nile virus; Ehrlicia; eastern...   (352) 294-4162 longm@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/maureen-long/
Longini, Ira Professor of Biostatistics, Co-director of the Center for Statistics and Quantitative Infectious Diseases (CSQUID) at the Emerging Pathogens Institute Public Health and Health Professions Analysis of infectious disease transmission and control; stochastic processes; biostatistics;... CV  (352) 273-6711 ilongini@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/ira-longini/
Lord, Cynthia Associate Professor Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Research on modeling and quantitative biology of insects of medical and veterinary importance and...   (352) 778-7200 ext. 157 clord@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n56979
Lounibos, L. Philip Professor Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Invasive species; mosquito biology; vector ecology   (772) 778-7200 lounibos@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/lounibos/current_research.shtml
Mai, Volker Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions; Medicine Gut microbiota; microbial ecology; infectious causes of cancer; diet and cancer; novel diarrhea... CV  (352) 273-9398 vmai@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/volker-mai/
Mao, Liang Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Spatial modeling for disease epidemics, disease control strategies, spatial/social network analysis...   352-294-7502 liangmao@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/mao.html
Marois, Jim Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Plant Pathology; IFAS Emerging plant pathogens; soybean rust; plant epidemiology   (850) 875-7120 jmarois@ufl.edu http://nfrec.ifas.ufl.edu/contact/JimMarois.shtml
Maruniak, James E. Associate Professor IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology; Microbiology and Cell Science Virology; arboviruses; mosquitoes; insect viruses; baculovirus biocontrol; protein expression   (352) 273-3960 marun@ufl.edu http://entnem.ifas.ufl.edu/maruniak.htm
Maurelli, Anthony Professor of Environmental and Global Health College of Public Health and Health Professions Bacterial pathogenesis; bacterial genetics CV  352-294-5029 amaurelli@phhp.ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty-2/primary-faculty/anthony-maurelli-phd/
Mergia, Ayalew Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology HIV; foamy virus vectors; molecular virology   (352) 294-4139 mergiaa@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/ayalew-mergia/
Mohamadzadeh, Mansour Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Properties of novel adjuvants that induce the activation of mucosal DCs; cellular and molecular... CV  (352) 294-4117 m.zadeh@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/mansour-mohamadzadeh/
Moore, Gloria Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Horticultural Sciences Citrus pathogens; citrus greening; citrus canker; systemic acquired resistance   (352) 392-4711, ext. 221 gamoore@ufl.edu http://www.hos.ufl.edu/mooreweb/
Morris, J. Glenn EPI Director, and Professor of Infectious Disease EPI; Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Public Health Foodborne illness; antimicrobial resistance; emerging pathogens CV  (352) 273-7526 jgmorris@epi.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/j-glenn-morris-jr/
Moussatche, Nissin Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Poxvirus; vaccinia virus; viral replication; virus morphogenesis; antiviral research   (352) 392-3093 nissin@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n7604
Mulligan, Connie UF Genetics Institute Associate Director; Associate Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Anthropology HIV; Yemen; Horn of Africa; molecular genetics; population history CV  (352) 273-8092 mulligan@anthro.ufl.edu http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/mulligan/Webpage/index.html
Myers, Paul Administrator, Alachua County Health Department Alachua County Health Department Environmental health; public health; septic tanks   (352) 334-7902 Paul_Myers@doh.state.fl.us http://doh.state.fl.us/
Nicoletti, Paul Emeritus Professor Veterinary Medicine; Infectious Diseases and Pathology Brucellosis and zoonotic diseases   (352) 294-4289 nicolettip@ufl.edu http://vivo-vis.cns.iu.edu/vivo/display/n113723
Nishida, Toshikazu Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering Solid-state sensors and actuators, micro-electro-mechanical systems, device physics and reliability.   (352) 392-6774 nishida@ufl.edu http://www.ece.ufl.edu/people/faculty/nishida.html
Nollens, Hendrik Clinical Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine Marine mammal clinical immunology; viral disesases of marine mammals   (352) 294-4517 nollensh@ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n22930
O'Meara, George Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Mosquito biology; mosquito control; invasive species   (772) 778-7200 gfo@ufl.edu http://entnemdept.ifas.ufl.edu/omeara.htm
Okech, Bernard Research Assistant Scientist Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Epidemiology and Statistics Malaria; gametocytes; vector competence; larval biology and ecology; Anopheles mosquitoes; mosquito...   (352) 273-5254 bokech@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/bernard-okech/
Oli, Madan Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Wildlife and Ecology Conservation Disease dynamics; disease models; transmission rates; ecology of infectious diseases; population...   (352) 846-0561 olim@ufl.edu http://www.wec.ufl.edu/faculty/olim/
Pascual, David W. Professor of Immunology Veterinary Medcine, Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Mucosal immunology and vaccines CV  (352) 294-4104 pascuald@ufl.edu  
Peloquin, Charles Director, Infectious Disease Pharmacokinetics Laboratory; and Professor Pharmacy; and EPI Therapeutic drug monitoring; pharmacokinetics; tuberculosis; mycobacterial infections; agressive... CV  (352) 273-6266 peloquin@cop.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.ed/charles-peloquin/
Petty, Denise Clinical Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Large Animal Clinical Services Aquaculture; aquatic animals; finfish; shellfish   (352) 392-9617, ext. 229 pettyd@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/denise-petty/
Polston, Jane Professor IFAS: Dept. of Plant Pathology Plant virus; transgenic resistance; ssDNA virus; Geminivirus   (352) 273-4627 jep@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Polston/polston.htm
Ponciano, Jose Miguel Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Application of stochastic processes in ecology and evolution   (352) 392-2784 josemi@ufl.edu http://www.biology.ufl.edu/people/faculty/josemi.aspx
Prins, Cindy Clinical Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept.of Epidemiology, Public health biology, principles of epidemiology   (352) 273-5934 capfive@phhp.ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/
Progulske-Fox, Ann Distinguished Professor Dentistry: Dept. of Oral Biology Oral biology, molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis of Porphyromonas gingivalis (P. gingivalis), a...   (352) 273-8835 apfox@dental.ufl.edu http://www.dental.ufl.edu/Offices/Oral_Biology/faculty/Progulske-Fox_Ann/
Prosperi, Mattia Associate Professor College of Medicine and the College of Public Health and Health Profession epidemiology, data science, next-generation sequencing analytics   352-273-5860 m.prosperi@phhp.ufl.edu http://epidemiology.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/mattia-prosperi/
Psychas, Paul J Assistant Professor College of Medicine Malaria control programming, malaria spatial epidemiology, operations research. Clinical care of under-served populations   (352) 265-7015 ppsychas@ufl.edu  
Pulliam, Juliet Assistant Professor Dept. of Biology Viral pathogens transmitted between host species and interactions between human, domestic animal,... CV  (352) 273-6684 pulliam@ufl.edu http://biology.ufl.edu/People/faculty/pulliam.aspx
Radonovich, Lewis Director of Biosecurity Programs, Office of Program Development, North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System College of Medicine: Dept. of Medicine Biosecurity; influenza; personal protective equipment; respirators; occupational health; infection...   (352) 376-1611, ext.4985 lewis.radonovich@med.va.gov http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/lewis-j-radonovich-md/
Raisch, Kevin P. Assistant Professor Medicine: Dept. of Otolaryngology Cancer biology; novel treatments of head and neck tumors; human papillomaviruses   (352) 273-7783 kevin.raisch@ent.ufl.edu http://www.ent.ufl.edu/faculty_gainesville/raischkp.asp
Rand, Kenneth Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology, Imunology and Laboratory Medicine Clinical microbiology; clinical virology; infectious diseases; antibiotic susceptibility;...   (265) 265-111 ext. 72039 rand@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.pathology.ufl.edu/~kenrand/
Rathore, Mobeen Professor Pediatrics: Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology Pediatric Infectious Diseases; immunizations, pediatric HIV; infectious diseases in children;...   (904) 244-3739 mobeen.rathore@jax.ufl.edu http://www.hscj.ufl.edu/pediatrics/bio.asp?id=1138
Reed, David Assistant Curator of Mammalogy Florida Museum of Natural History: Mammology Range Mammamlogy; phylogenetics; host/parasite coevolution; population genetics; phylogeography; genomics...   (352) 273-1971 dreed@flmnh.ufl.edu http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/mammals/
Rey, Jorge Professor IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Mosquito; vector; ecology; wetlands; urban; dengue; GIS   (772) 778-7200, ext. 136 jrey@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/rey/research_interests.shtml
Rheingans, Richard Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Environmental and Global Health Effectiveness, sustainability and scaleability of school-based water and sanitation interventions;...   (352) 294-5110 rrheing@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/richard-rheingans-phd/
Rice, Kelly C. Assistant Professor Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Molecular Microbiology   (352) 392-1192 kcrice@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/rice.shtml
Richards, Stephanie Research Assistant Scientist IFAS: Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Vector competence; vector-virus interactions; arbovirology; West Nile virus; Saint Louis...   (772) 778-7200 slrichar@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/
Roberts, Stephen Professor and Program Director Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Physiological Sciences Immunotoxicology; nanomaterial biocompatibility; risk assessment   (352) 392-2243, ext. 5500 smroberts@ufl.edu http://egh.phhp.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/stephen-m-roberts-phd/
Roderick, Gary Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Food Science Food safety; seafood safety; Schistosomiasis; molluscan control; oyster processing and post harvest...   (352) 392-1991 GERodrick@ifas.ufl.edu http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/pages/rodrick.shtml
Romeo, Tony Professor IFAS; Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Bacterial gene expression, posttranscriptional regulation, sRNAs, molecular genetics of biofilm...   (352) 392-2400 tromeo@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/romeo.shtml
Romero, Carlos Research Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Disease and Pathology Animal virology: exotic viruses of livestock and poultry; emerging viruses of marine mammals;...   (352) 294-4171 romeroc@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/carlos-romero/
Ryan, Kathleen Clinical Associate Professor Department of Pediatrics Influenza Vaccination   (352) 273-9573 ryanka@ufl.edu  
Ryan, Sadie Assistant Professor Dept. of Geography Conservation Biology, Population Ecology, Disease Ecology, Landscape Ecology, GIS CV  (352) 392-0494 sjryan@ufl.edu  
Sabo-Attwood, Tara Associate Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. Environmental and Global Health Mechanisms of particle-induced pulmonary injury; understanding molecular mechanisms controlling... CV  (352) 294-5293 sabo@phhp.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/tara-sabo-attwood
Salemi, Marco Assistant Professor Medicine: Dept. of Pathology Phylogenetic analysis; molecular evolution; molecular epidemiology; viral evolution; HIV evolution... CV  (352) 273-9567 salemi@pathology.ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/marco-salemi/
Schneider, Keith Associate Professor IFAS, Food Science and Human Nutrition Food safety, particularly with respect to produce, juice and beverage safety   (352) 392-1991 ext. 309 keiths29@ufl.edu http://fshn.ifas.ufl.edu/pages/schneider.shtml
Schuerger, Andrew Plant Pathologist Agriculture: Dept. of Plant Pathology Astrobiology; aerobiology; pathogen dispersal; global dispersal; planetary protection; Mars...   (321) 861-3478 acschuerger@ifas.ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Schuerger/Schuerger.htm
Schultz, Gregory Professor Medicine: Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology Herpes simplex; bacterial biofilms; microbicidal dressings; rapid point-of-care diagnostics; matrix...   (352) 273-7560 schultzg@obgyn.ufl.edu http://obgyn.ufl.edu/research/schultz/bios.php?id=GregorySchultz
Schweizer, Herbert Professor College of Medicine Molecular Genetics and Biology of Pathogenic Bacteria; Drug Resistance   352-273-9402 hschweizer@ufl.edu  
Scott A. McKinley Assistant Professor Mathematics Department Probability theory and applied stochastic processes; microrheology; intracellular transport;...   (352) 392-0281 ext. 301 scott.mckinley@ufl.edu http://www.math.ufl.edu/~scott.mckinley/ufhome/Home.html
Sidhu, Gurjit S. Assistant Scientist Medicine: Division of Infectious Diseases Signal transduction events during host pathogen interactions   (352) 294-5346 sidhugs@medicine.ufl.edu http://www.medicine.ufl.edu/infecdis/sidhu.asp
Sigmund, Wolfgang Professor Engineering: Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering Aerosol filter; water filter; filter regeneration; electrospinning; nanofiberfilter; nanoparticle;...   (352) 846-3343 wsigm@mse.ufl.edu http://sigmund.mse.ufl.edu/
Simonne, Amarat Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Family, Youth and Community Sciences Ethnic food safety; Asian food safety; food service/food safety; mexican foods; food handling;...   (352) 273-3536 asim@ufl.edu http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/topic_a93310290
Singer, Burton Adjunct Professor, National Academy of Sciences member The Emerging Pathogens Institute Impact of migration and urbanization on malaria transmission; co-infection CV  (352) 273-9572 bhsinger@EPI.UFL.EDU http://www.epi.ufl.edu/burton-h-singer/
Small, Parker A. Professor Emeritus Medicine: Dept. of Pathology, Immunology and Laboratory Medicine; Dept. of Pediatrics Influenza: community immunization and new vaccines that induce IgA antibody   (352) 359-3163 pasmall@epi.ufl.edu  
Smartt, Chelsea Assistant Professor Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Nematology and Entomology Genomics; proteomics; medical entomology; insect physiology   (772) 778-7200 ctsmart@ufl.edu http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/topic_a19948958
Smith, Jason A. Assistant Professor of Forest Pathology School of Forest Resources and Conservation Specialization in tree pathology with a focus on new and emerging forest diseases; works on...   (352) 846-0843 jasons@ufl.edu http://www.sfrc.ufl.edu/faculty/jsmith/index.html
Smith, John Director, Florida A&M University, Public Health Entomology Research & Education Center Florida A&M University, JAMS Public Health Entomology Research & Education Center Medical and veterinary entomology; arbovirus ecology; mosquito population sampling and dynamics   (850) 872-4184 Ext 23 john.smith@famu.edu http://www.famu.org/ent/directory/smithj.php
Song, Wen-Yuan Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Plant Pathology Plant-pathogen interactions   (352) 392-3631 wsong@ifas.ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Song/Song.htm
Southwick, Fred Professor Medicine Macrophages; neutrophils; anthrax; shigella; listeria; actin-regulatory proteins; cell motility   (352) 392-4058 southfs@medicine.ufl.edu http://www.med.ufl.edu/anatomy/mcb/profdetail.cgi?name=southwick_f
Stanek, Danielle Medical epidemiologist Florida Dept. of Health Zoonotic disease; zoonoses; rabies; brucella; vectorborne; tick   (850) 245-4117 danielle_stanek@doh.state.fl.us http://www.doh.state.fl.us/
Staras, Stephanie Research Assistant Professor Medicine: Dept. of Epidemiology and Health Policy Epidemiology; HIV; STDs; alcohol; adolescents; partner selection   (352) 265-0111, ext. 86523 sas@ehpr.ufl.edu http://www.ehpr.ufl.edu/staras
Stepp, John Richard Associate Professor Anthropology; Land Use and Environmental Change Institute Medical anthropology, ecological anthropology, ethnobiology, Mesoamerica, Southeast Asia   (352) 392-2253 stepp@ufl.edu http://www.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Stepp.shtml
Sugrue, Stephen Professor and Senior Associate Dean of Research Affairs Medicine: Molecular Cell Biology, Anatomy and Cell Biology Cellular and molecular mechanisms; the maintenance of epithelial integrity; stable and dynamic...   (352) 273-8475 sugrue@ufl.edu http://www.med.ufl.edu/anatomy/mcb/profdetail.cgi?name=sugrue_s
Sulakvelidze, Alexander Research Associate Professor Medicine: Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Biodefense; molecular typing; bacteriophage; phage therapy; food safety; zoonotic diseases.   (410) 913-7943 asulakvelidze@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/sulakvelidze.htm
Tabachnick, Walter Professor; Director of Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology; IFAS Vector-borne pathogens; arboviruses; vector competence; genetics; population genetics   (772) 778-7200 wjt@ufl.edu http://fmel.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/tabachnick/cv.shtml
Tan, Weihong Chair Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Chemistry Chemical biology; molecular engineering; bionanotechnology; bioanalysis; aptamers; aptamer...   (352) 846-2410 tan@chem.ufl.edu http://www.chem.ufl.edu/research/facultypage.shtml?photo=tan
Tennant, Michele University Librarian Health Science Center: Libraries Information-seeking behavior; bioinformatics resources   (352) 273-8426 tennantm@ufl.edu http://www.library.health.ufl.edu/services/tennant.html
Teplitski, Max Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Soil and Water Science Department Bacterial cell-to-cell communication and its role instructuring of microbial communities and...   (352) 273-8189 maxtep@ufl.edu http://soils.ifas.ufl.edu/personnel/teplitski.html
Thomas B. Waltzek Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine; Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Characterization of emerging aquatic animal viruses (EAAVs) using metagenomics; phylogenomics to... CV  (530) 574-2976 tbwaltzek@ufl.edu  
Triplett, Eric Professor and Chair Agriculture and Life Sciences: Dept. of Microbiology and Cell Science Microbe-plant interactions; microbial ecology; genomics; biodiversity   (352) 392-5430 ewt@ufl.edu http://microcell.ufl.edu/personnel/faculty/triplett.shtml
Tuanyok, Apichai Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology Molecular Genetics and Biology of Pathogenic Bacteria, Drug Resistance   352-273-9991 tuanyok@ufl.edu  
Tucker, Daniel Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Psychiatry Post infectious, immunologic aspects of psychiatry; neuroimaging; obsessive compulsive disorder;...   (352) 265-4357 dantucker@ufl.edu http://psychiatry.ufl.edu/Faculty-And-Staff/Directories/Faculty/Tucker-Daniel/
Ukhanova, Maria Research Scientist Emerging Pathogens Institue; Pediatrics, Division of Neonatology Intestinal Microecology Inflammatory Markers and Necrotizingenterocolitis   (352) 273-9401 mukhanova@epi.ufl.edu http://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n7193
Vallad, Gary Assistant Professor IFAS: Gulf Coast REC Plant pathology; epidemiology; fungal and bacterial pathogens; biological control; plant-microbe...   (813) 633-4121 gvallad@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/Vallad/Vallad.htm
Van Bruggen, Ariena Professor of Plant Pathology Agriculture and Life Sciences: plant pathology; IFAS; and EPI Microbial ecology; farming systems; pathogens; organic farming; conventional farming; cultural... CV  (352) 273-9396 ahcvanbruggen@ufl.edu http://plantpath.ifas.ufl.edu/People/Faculty/VanBruggen/
Vittor, Amy Assistant Professor of Medicine College of Medicine vector-borne pathogens; infectious diseases   (352) 294-5445 Amy.Vittor@medicine.ufl.edu http://id.medicine.ufl.edu/sample-page/meet-the-team/amy-y-vittor-md-phd/
Wang, Gary Assistant Professor Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine Molecular studies of HCV pathogenesis and drug resistance; molecular ecology of gut microbiota in C...   (352) 392-6481 Gary.Wang@medicine.ufl.edu http://wanglab.medicine.ufl.edu/index.php
Waylen, Peter Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Climate variability   (352) 392-0494 ext. 203 prwaylen@ufl.edu http://www.geog.ufl.edu/faculty/waylen.html
Wayne, Marta Professor; Chair Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Biology Quantitative genetics; evolution of virulence   (352) 392-9925 mlwayne@ufl.edu http://www.biology.ufl.edu/people/faculty/mlwayne.aspx
Weeks, Emma N.I. Assistant Research Scientist Agriculture and Life Sciences, IFAS, Entomology and Nematology Department Medical and veterinary entomology; particularly blood feeding ectoparasites   (352) 273-3954 eniweeks@ufl.edu http://entnem.ifas.ufl.edu/kaufman/vetentlab/Collaborative%20Faculty.html
Wellehan, Jim Assistant Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Small Animal Clinical Sciences Comparative infectious disease diagnostics; novel pathogen identification; host/pathogen evolution... CV  (352) 392-2235 wellehanj@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/jim-wellehan/
Wendland, Lori Research Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Geography Epidemiology of mycoplasmal respiratory disease in tortoises   (352) 294-4079 wendlandl@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/lori-wendland/
White, Graham Bruce Medical Entomologist Agricultural and Life Sciences; IFAS: Dept. of Entomology and Nematology Biology and control of vector-borne diseases   (352) 328-9473 gbwhite@ufl.edu http://www.afpmb.org/dwfpresearch.htm
Wiens, Brenda Research Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions: Dept. of Clinical and Health Psychology Post-disaster stress; mental health; psychological response to disasters; psychological response to...   (352) 273-5120 wiens@phhp.ufl.edu https://vivo.ufl.edu/display/n8618
Wright, Anita Associate Professor Agricultural and Life Sciences: Dept. of Food Science and Health Nutrition Vibrios; oysters; shellfish; diagnostics; food safety CV  (352) 392-1991, ext. 311 acw@ufl.edu http://www.epi.ufl.edu/anita-wright/
Xu, Xiaohui Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions; Medicine: Dept. of Epidemiology Epidemiological methods and environmental epidemiology   (352) 273-5362 xhxu@phhp.ufl.edu http://ebs.phhp.ufl.edu/people/faculty/#xx
Yamamoto, Janet Professor Veterinary Medicine: Dept. of Infectious Diseases and Pathology T-cell based vaccinology; cellular immunology; immunoinformatics; comparative immunology;...   (352) 294-4145 yamamoto@ufl.edu http://www.vetmed.ufl.edu/about-the-college/faculty-directory/janet-yamamoto/
Yang Yang Assistant Professor Public Health and Health Professions Statistical models for infectious diseases: recursive models, likelihood methods, Bayesian method, and generalized linear models CV  (352) 273-7396 yangyang@.ufl.edu http://epi.ufl.edu/yang-yang/
Yost, Richard Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Chemistry Analytical chemistry; mass spectrometry; trace analysis; imaging CV  (352) 392-0557 ryost@ufl.edu http://www.chem.ufl.edu/~ryost/group/
Young, Alyson Assistant Professor Liberal Arts and Sciences: Dept. of Anthropology Medical anthropology and child survival; zoonotic and waterborne disease transmission; East Africa...   (352) 392-1896 agyoung@ufl.edu http://web.anthro.ufl.edu/faculty/Young.shtml
Zhou, Lei Associate Professor Medicine: Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Apoptosis; vector biology; mosquito cell death; pro-apoptotic genes; genetic insecticide   (352) 273-8169 leizhou@ufl.edu http://www.mgm.ufl.edu/faculty/lzhou.htm